Morgan and Franz

Since 1938, the business community has looked to Morgan & Franz for Insurance protection and a peace of mind.

As an independent broker, we can navigate the complicated insurance market to access the best coverage for you and your employees. Difference between companies, policies and coverage always exists – it’s the one-stop-shop for benefit insurance services at Morgan and Franz Insurance & Administrative Services that makes the difference ….enabling you to focus on: Your Business and Client Needs.

HMO – Health Maintenance Organlzatlon
FPO – Preferred Provider Organization
POS – Point of Service
Partially Self-Funded
Fully Self-Funded
Morgan and Franz
Morgan and Franz
Long Term Disability
Short Term Disability
Key Person
Split Dollar (defined as purchasing life insurance on
a premium sharing basis by two individuals or entities
Business Overhead
Buy-Sell Insurance
Deferred Compensation
Morgan and Franz

Keys to Our Success Since 1938



  • We are honest in all dealings with our employees, clients and suppliers
  • We always operate according to the highest ethical standards in all business and interpersonal transactions.
  • We measure our success by our clients’ belief in our ability.

Our Employees

  • We honor and respect our employees.
  • We recognize and reward employees.
  • We see one another as valuable contributors to the organization.
  • We honor our employees’ privacy and personal lives outside of the company.
  • We encourage employment longevity and long-term relationships with our company.

Our Clients

  • We will provide our clients with a knowledgeable and friendly staff.
  • We are committed to improving our client services and encourage client feedback.
  • We strive for long-term partnerships with our clients.
  • We stand behind our services and do not compromise our customers benefits in favor of profits.


  • We are committed to improving our service, products, and systems.
  • We address and resolve problems quickly to eliminate their reoccurrence.
  • We support the measurement and monitoring of our customers’ satisfaction.