Benefit Advantage

Since 1938, the business community has looked to Morgan & Franz for Insurance protection and a peace of mind.
Benefit Advantage
As an independent broker, we can navigate the complicated insurance market to access the best coverage for you and your employees. Difference between companies, policies and coverage always exists – it’s the one-stop-shop for benefit insurance services at Morgan and Franz Insurance & Administrative Services that makes the difference ….enabling you to focus on: Your Business and Client Needs.
Benefit Advantage
HMO – Health Maintenance Organlzatlon
FPO – Preferred Provider Organization
POS – Point of Service
Partially Self-Funded
Fully Self-Funded
Long Term Disability
Short Term Disability
Key Person
Split Dollar (defined as purchasing life insurance on
a premium sharing basis by two individuals or entities
Business Overhead
Buy-Sell Insurance
Deferred Compensation

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Benefit Advantage is an exclusive product of Morgan & Franz Administration

Benefit Advantage’s mission is to provide you and your employees with an effective health care coverage package at a time when the rapidly rising cost of healthcare is forcing many employers to discontinue employee benefits.


Statistically, a fully insured health plan will cost a company considerably more in premiums compared to a customized insurance plan. Insurance premiums increases every year regardless of utilization. As a result, thousands of dollars of your money is handed to insurance companies regardless of whether it is used or not.


  • REPLACE your current high-cost traditional fully insured medical plan with a premium savings partially self-funded health plan.
  • CUSTOMIZE your company’s benefits with the Benefit Advantage plan. Optimizing a plan design to profit the employer and employee.
  • DEPOSIT the premium difference between your fully insured plan and the Benefit Advantage plan into a claims spending account. The answer is Benefit Advantages program for businesses, a proven method of decreasing premiums without sacrificing benefits. This plan is both cost effective and easy to administer.

Morgan & Franz Administration… provides your administration needs with quality, service, flexibility, and expert knowledge of the self-funded industry & multi-employer trust funds.

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